What the world is experiencing right now in the fight against this terrible virus IS NOT NORMAL!

Human beings have for centuries learnt how to survive and make the best of difficult circumstances. The problem is that before we know it, we not only adapt to what is happening around us, but begin to submit to, and accept whatever we are told to do, without putting in clear boundaries to protect our minds and hearts from the lies and attack of Satanic influences during times like this.

Always remember, that although necessary for the short term … the way the world is forced to live right now IS NOT NORMAL! Let’s never become complacent, and submit to a culture of no hope, accepting the following as normal:

⁃ being isolated
⁃ Living in fear and timidity
⁃ Afraid to spend time with people and build relationships,
⁃ Suspicious and untrusting of others,
⁃ Staying away from church because it is a large gathering,
⁃ Accepting control by governments and secular authorities.
⁃ Afraid to question, or step outside of what media, or the majority of people adhere to, and much more ….

These are all dangerous and insidious strongholds that can steal everything God has intended for you, His church and future generations.

So how do we ensure that instead of being defeated by the battle that is raging around us, we come stronger, full of faith, and without fear to do all God has called us to do?

One of history’s greatest victories happened when faithful people followed God’s guidance during the battle of Jericho, and the city’s massive walls fell down so they could take the land God had promised them.
(Joshua 6:1-27)

Just as those ancient people marched around Jericho’s walls for seven days, the biblical story reveals seven spiritual principles that will help you to overcome any type of obstacle you face in your own life – from your relationships, financial battles or overcoming fear and the struggle to survive in a world full of chaos, confusion and mind control.

Over the next 7 days, I will share seven ways from scripture, that you can rely on to help break down and overcome the challenging obstacles that are standing in the way of spiritual freedom and victory.


No matter how big the “wall” seems as it looms over your life, be assured that you can ‘shrink it’ until it falls down completely when you trust God to help you overcome it.

God is much BIGGER than any obstacle you’ll ever face. So rather than focusing on the wall that’s standing in your way right now, look to God, Who stands ready to help you overcome that obstacle.
When you focus on how great God’s power is, you’ll be able to see the problem from the right perspective and gain the confidence to know that you can handle it with God’s help.

Keep in mind that God – your Creator – knows every detail about what you’re going through, what the world is going through, and cares deeply about it, wants to help you, and is capable of doing anything to help you overcome if you believe and trust Him above every other voice, opinion and emotion that wants to dominate and crush you.

Choose to see these obstacles as an opportunity to cultivate your character, grow your faith and draw closer to Jesus.
Trusting God to lead you through the process of overcoming is one of the greatest challenges a Christian can experience.

Psalm 5:3 “My voice You shall hear in the morning, O Lord;
In the morning I will direct it to You, And I will look up.”

🙏God is waiting to hear your voice this morning … He is waiting for You to look up to Him … to trust Him and not to the world. To see His greatness and power above all!