Press In, Push On, and Pursue!
Don’t ever think what you doing is insignificant. Everything the Christian does has the power of the seed within them to release the harvest of blessing and increase. Sow God’s word and His ways daily. Keep believing and pray for His kingdom to come.  When we focus on the purpose of God, our needs fall into place naturally. 
By putting God first, we release blessing in our own lives. 
Be the catalyst that releases faith and hope in a fearful and hopeless world. 
Everything Satan does is to destroy and derail you! His job description is to steal, kill and destroy. (John 10:10)
He’s strategy is to confuse you, causing you to doubt the goodness of God. We need to learn how to handle hardship and suffering with God’s strength. Too many Christians, instead of facing it honestly, shut off and close up.  Fear and stress paralyse them, and the only way to break this is being filled with faith. 
Hebrews 11:33-35 in The Passion Translation says it so beautifully … 
“Faith sparked courage within them and they became mighty warriors in battle, pulling armies from another realm into battle array.” (V34)
God has already won the victory and calls us to now work out that victory in our own lives, so how do we walk in the victory God gives us?
The first thing people often do when faced with a crisis is fear! Instead of panic and fear, Let’s look at what David did in 1 Samuel 30:1-30, when overwhelmed by losing an important battle, then on returning home they discover all their wives and children have been taken captive. 
  • He cries out to the Lord, weeping. God is not afraid of your emotions. He made us to be real and open. There is a time to weep, letting God in to heal and restore us. 
  • But then there comes a time where David strengthened himself in the Lord! Where must arise and fill us once again. 
  • He then enquires of the Lord, seeking His will and instructions.
  • After the weeping comes a time to arise and PURSUE the enemy and take back what Satan has stolen!!! You are not a victim but a child of the King. Your weapons are not carnal but mighty to overcome. 
  • Stop being mad at people, the church, or yourself – get mad at the devil!!
  • Don’t let guilt, grief or loss affect who you are and whom God has called you to be. Take hold of God’s promises and possess that which He is yours through Christ. 
Too many people begin to hide, give up, stop going to church, retreat from life, their calling and purpose. Don’t let the ‘I can’t’ rule you. Let God’s truth, ‘I am well able’ be your battle cry. 
Today God calls you to PRESS in and PUSH on until God Brings the healing, breakthrough and promise.