Consecration not Isolation

As the world struggles with an invisible enemy and many are forced to be more socially distant, with some in total lockdown, let’s shift our minds from feeling forced, or controlled into isolation, to having the freedom to choose consecration and commitment to God.

Instead of seeing this as a ‘loss’, let’s turn our attention to what we gain …
Opportunity to reflect and grow in our relationship with Jesus.

  • A restoration of the things that are strained, cracked and hurting in our lives.
  • Rest, from the daily rush, striving and struggle so many endure.
  • Learning to connect on deeper levels with those closest to us – spouses, family and friends.
  • Seeking deeper spiritual disciplines in our walk with God … intercession, fasting, study and devotion.
Consecration is the practise of intentional quietness and worship towards God.  Choosing to rid ourselves of all worldly distractions.

Consecration is our GIVING OURSELVES to the Lord to become “a living sacrifice,” as Paul says,

“I exhort you therefore, through the compassions of God, to present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, well pleasing to God, which is your reasonable service.” (Rom 12:1)

In the Old Testament, a sacrifice was something set apart for God by being put on the altar. When people offered something to God, it no longer belonged to them. It belonged to God, for His use and His pleasure.

Today, when we consecrate ourselves to the Lord, we become a LIVING SACRIFICE. 🔥

We give up our own claims on ourselves and put ourselves completely in His hands. Previously, our life was for our own use, desires and often selfish satisfaction; now it is for His.

When we present ourselves to the Lord as a living sacrifice, we’re simply saying, “Lord Jesus, I am for You. I’m no longer for myself, the world, or anything else. I am for Your use and Your satisfaction.”

The LORD also said to Moses,


“Go to the people and consecrate them today and tomorrow … “
(Ex 19:10)

God is calling His people to consecration, to be fully committed to Him, to be set apart for His divine plan and purpose.

May the Lord lead you into this place of dedication. May He surround you and bless you with His presence and grace.