Coming up in Term 1 2021

Bible School is not only for those wanting to become leaders or pastors, it’s to help build strong healthy foundations, as well as equip and train us in the basic truths of scripture.We encourage you to give yourself to grow in God’s word, if you are leading a home cell, structure or department, and there are young Christians that need discipling, please encourage them to attend Bible School.God has instructed us to ‘build people’ this year, so let us 'spur one another on’, ‘feed the lambs’ and make the decision this year to grow in our knowledge and experience of God’s word, becoming skilled and mature Christians in every area of our lives.

Term 1 2021

Christian Revival Church

We will focus on the Tabernacle and the Feast!

9th of March 2021 to the 23rd of March 2021

CRC Perth